At On Axis: Psychology and Wellbeing, we believe that everyone can live a good life with optimal wellbeing when certain psychological needs are fulfilled. These needs of connection, competence and choice provide the foundations for motivation and wellbeing. Wellbeing is a combination of feeling good and functioning well (Huppert & Johnson, 2010).

We provide personal psychology services for wellbeing and balance at key transition points across the life stages. Early childhood, primary school years, secondary school years, adulthood and later adulthood.

• Adjustment and transition concerns
• Career development and career transition
• Conflict between young people and parents
• Coping (divorce/separation; learning difficulties; low self-esteem;
relationship difficulties)
• Emotional, social, cognitive and behavioural growth throughout life
• Identity issues and the transition to adulthood
• Managing a child’s difficult temperament
• Mid-life concerns or entering a different phase of life
• Mental health and wellbeing concerns
• Parenting concerns
• School to work transitions
• Transition to school, or from one phase of education to another
• Work stress

We provide consultancy, supervision and professional learning services.

• Professional supervision for psychologists, school counsellors, guidance
• Professional supervision for registrar program provisional and registered
• Critical incident intervention consultancy
• Social emotional competence consultancy
• Evidence based practice, skills and knowledge development
• Ethical legal requirements and management
• Psychological consultancy